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In or near the Philadelphia area, our interventions are based on compassion and support

It’s very difficult to look on as a family member, friend, or loved one struggle and suffer with endless cycle of pain and misery due to their drug and alcohol abuse. The first impulse is to want to help this family member, loved one, or friend try to get healthy, however these efforts usually fail and end up making it much easier for the user to continue abusing drugs or alcohol. Members of the family, friends, and loved ones of an addict end up figuring out that they’re enabling, not helping, and we recommend that during these cases it’s best to host an intervention for the addict in hopes that she or he will agree to treatment.

An intervention is the best and most successful approach for getting an addict into a rehabilitation (rehab) treatment program. As an example, getting a drug addict to go to a program. It’s a therapy technique that appeals to the drug or alcohol user to take part in rehab. An interventionist, the addict, as well as their friends, family members and loved ones are all key elements to an intervention. An intervention is most often used because the addict is unresponsive to pleas, unwilling to get help, or is ignorant of their problem.

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